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Welcome to Silver Squirrel Engraving & Gifts

150 W. Wisconsin Ave, Kaukauna, WI 54130


About Me:

My name is Becky and I'm the boss lady around this place. I am very excited that you are here checking us out. Where do I start? This is not a page about me but let me give you a quick overview about the lady behind Silver Squirrel. I am a passionate, fun-loving, quirky and easy going person. I love inspirational quotes, life in general and my family. Personalized things have always made me happy starting with the scrapbooking revolution back in 1997. Some of the equipment used in that hobby lead me to where I am today, we'll call it a cross in hobbies that introduced me to my true passion. Oh and I love squirrels, they are cute little creatures who are super fun and playful. They are kind of my mascot and spirit animal. 

I searched really hard to find some "good" pictures of me but alas there are not any professional headshots of me. And since this is a family run business these pictures embodied us! I have two handsome little boys who are just as goofy as I am and they love to help around my shop.


Our History:

Now let me tell you about Silver Squirrel Engraving & Gifts. Things started out as a hobby for me in 2014 when I received a sandblasting cabinet for Christmas. I started glass carving anything I could get my hands on making gifts for family and friends. Word of mouth spread quickly and in January of 2015, Craft Specialties LLC was born.

In November of 2015 I came upon a full-service engraving business for sale. The original plan was to just purchase the equipment from this business but the dream of owning my own business again just wouldn't go away and by June of 2016, I decided that I should go for it. I sealed the deal to purchase the equipment and fixtures of a business that had been established in the same community for 15 years and remained in the same location.

The first years have been a wild and exciting ride. In that time I have expanded the traditional engraving shop to add gifts for every occasion, new equipment, a website and re-branded the business to Silver Squirrel Engraving and Gifts to more appropriately convey what it is that I do. 

Our Mission:

Silver Squirrel Engraving & Gifts mission is to provide a trendy, chic, modern and customer-centered gift buying experience. Enhancing every gift given with an engraved or personalized touch at affordable and competitive prices.